The media is dead, buried with Michael Jackson


One of the Twitter feeds I follow is called The Media is Dying. It chronicles all the media outlets that are laying-off people or shutting down entirely.

Well, it is no longer necessary. The media officially buried itself with its sycophantic coverage of Michael Jackson’s funeral. It was embarrassing beyond description. Tuesday night, ABC World News devoted something like 14 of its 22 minutes to:

- scenes of the funeral
- discussion of the funeral
- discussion of the significance of Michael Jackson

It was “Entertainment Tonight”, with Charlie Gibson anchoring.

Popes, presidents and kings do not get this kind of coverage. And never mind what one thinks of Michael Jackson, his music, his lifestyle, his legal troubles or anything else. The fact is that he was a pop singer. Yes, one of the most successful in history, but he was a POP SINGER!

If you are the managing editor of CNN, ABC News or any of the others, you include the funeral as a 30 second story, with maybe 15 seconds of video. Then, you move on to less important news – like two wars, the economy, a presidential summit in Russia and ethnic cleansing in China.

No wonder the media is dead.

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