Summer Client Fun

Summer pool

I think I have made this abundantly clear on this blog, but I’ll say it again: We have great clients.

Why are they great? Any number of reasons.

First, they make great software. I mean stuff that is genuinely, truly useful.

For example: Likewise Software makes open source software that helps companies integrate different operating systems into a Windows Active Directory system. Important and useful stuff.

Yesterday, Open-Xchange made an announcement that will revolutionize how businesses use social networks.

Canonical makes Ubuntu, unquestionably that fastest-growing and most important Linux distribution in the world.

LogMeIn makes remote access, support and connectivity software. It allows you to do anything, on any of your computers, from anywhere in the world. It is the very definition of a “killer app.”

But as smart as these and our other clients are, they also know how to have fun. Earlier this year, Likewise Software went into the t-shirt business in an effort to end the operating system wars. You can buy yours here. (All proceeds go to charity.)

Right now, LogMeIn is giving away a bunch of cool stuff – iPhones, iPods, computers, t-shirts, and, a grand prize of the ultimate home office worth $5,000. If you’ve never experienced the absolute peace-of-mind and productivity of always having access to your office and home computers, now is a great time to try out LogMeIn. There is even a video contest coming soon, so put on your thinking caps. (Sorry -  wedding videos, your kid’s birthday party and Paris Hilton are excluded.)

I know what you’re thinking: “Could these guys suck up to their clients any more?”

My response: We’ll try.

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