Translating PR to Sales

It has been a long time since a post about the value of public relations, in terms of business success or impact. Recently, we’ve had some very good recent examples where we could see a strong connection between what we do and its impact. Both cases were new clients where we got off to good starts, which we saw translate into heightened levels of activity on their websites.

In one case (we won’t reveal client names), prior to when our work started on September 1 the highest week total was just over 5,000 website visits. Through last week, that number of visitors was exceeded every week that we’ve worked together – with the exception of the month of December, which was clearly a down period during the holidays.

In another 10-week period, we generated 85 articles in IT media. The chart below clearly shows the dramatic rise in website visits.

Looking at the trusty AIDA (Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action) sales cycle, we can take some credit for increasing awareness, and generating enough interest for people to go to the client’s website. From here, the client translates those web site visits into sales. We set the table and bring them into the restaurant. Sales takes the order and serves the meal. It’s a team effort.


If you work in PR, we’re interested in your comments and experiences measuring impact. And, if you’re a business, can we help? Contact us and let’s talk. We pride ourselves on delivering results and long-standing client relationships.

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