Skating to Where the Puck Is: Open-Xchange Has Sharp Blades


Our Open-Xchange client proves every day how ahead-of-the-curve it was (and is) when it decided a couple of years ago to offer its email/collaboration software through web hosting companies.

The whole computing world is moving inexorably onto the web and into the cloud, and Open-Xchange has a two-year head start.

Yesterday, Google made noise about letting people use Microsoft Outlook as a front-end to Google Apps.

Been there, done that. Open-Xchange CEO Rafael Laguna comments on his blog.

“Not content with that, with our hands behind our back, pull [data] from a hat, get into that, get into that.” *

Stay tuned for the next cool announcement from Open-Xchange, which involves some pretty slick use of open source technology to free your data so you can use it anywhere.


*from Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Karn Evil 9, 1973

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